Three Reasons Why We Love the Ford Focus


Ford is the maker of high-quality, beloved cars, trucks, and SUVs. The car company has been around long enough that they have perfected the art of making vehicles. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the fun-to-drive versatility of the compact Ford Focus from Bryan Ford.


At least there are still a few fun things in life you can indulge in. #NoRegrets #FordFocusST

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Shopping for the Perfect Family Crossover? Check out the 2017 Ford Escape


The crossover style, that versatile mix of SUV and sedan, is all the rage right now. Drivers shopping for a new car face a market packed full of versatile options, with no shortage of choices from a variety of carmakers.

But, when it comes to reliable, American-made crossover vehicles, there's only one 2017 Ford Escape, available here at Bryan ford.

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The Best-Selling Truck in America just keeps Getting Better


The Ford F-150 pickup truck has been the bestselling car in the United States for decades, and it's easy to see why. Now, thanks to a big announcement from the Ford Motor Company, we here at Bryan Ford think the F-150 is only getting better with age.

The all-new Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is the latest vehicle revealed as part of #Ford’s 5-year, $4.5B #EV investment.

— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) April 11, 2017
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