Comparing the Ford Explorer to the Competition

Our team wants to make sure that you can find a vehicle that meets all of the needs of your life, and we believe that a Ford model will be that vehicle. At Bryan Ford in Bryan, OH, we can answer all of your questions, making you feel confident with any model that you choose. If you are looking at an SUV, you might also be considering the Chevy Tahoe; while both vehicles are strong competitors, the Explorer offers many benefits for you to consider. We want to compare both models side-by-side so that you can be sure which is right for you.

The Ford Explorer is substantially cheaper than the Tahoe, allowing more customers to enjoy everything that the vehicle offers. We want to keep your life as stress free as possible, and a lower monthly payment can reduce some of the financial stress that comes to your life.

The Explorer is a better choice if you are looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Being able to go further per gallon means you won't be spending as much time at the fuel pump, helping you spend less money when you want to go on a vacation or trip. We encourage you to visit so that you can get on a test drive to see what else the Ford Explorer can do for you.

More than financial sense, the Explorer has higher a higher safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helping you feel confident when all of the most important people are in your passenger seats.

Information is the most important thing when you are choosing a vehicle, and our team will answer all of your questions so that you know as much as you will need to. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership so that we can find all of the features that will help make your life easier than ever.

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